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Audiological Assessment and Advice

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Specialist Audiological Assessment

In this session, your tinnitus, sound intolerance or other audiological symptoms will be objectively assessed using specialist audiological equipment specifically designed to measure these conditions. The testing is non-invasive, safe and comfortable and provides a thorough evaluation of your hearing and your audiological symptoms. Test results will be provided and clearly explained in the context of your symptoms, and a comprehensive report prepared for your GP and/or ENT if required. Assistance with any ongoing medical referrals can also be arranged.

Specialist Audiological Advice

In this session, there will be a thorough discussion of your tinnitus or sound intolerance symptoms in the context of how it impacts your enjoyment and participation in life. The impact of your auditory symptoms will be evaluated using questionnaires, and an holistic approach will be used to assess your overall well-being. Advice on how you can begin to self-manage your symptoms and reduce your level of distress will be explored and a self-care plan developed that can be quickly implemented for some immediate relief.


Longer term treatment and support options will be discussed to provide some clarity and informed choice around ongoing care. If you feel that further support is something that you would like, Inner Ease Tinnitus Centre can help to resource you with ongoing tools and strategies to live with joy and ease within your experience of tinnitus/sound. 

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