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Thank you, Dani, for your caring helpful lessons.

Gill (Inner Ease classes, 2019)

I have found it very helpful to have a printed sheet of each session to follow and to refresh my memory when practising at home. Dani is so patient and encouraging and helpful.

Jill (private Inner Ease classes, 2019)

My symptoms eased off a bit at times during the 8-week mindfulness meditation for tinnitus course, but overall the tinnitus has remained much the same. My attitude however is shifting and that is fabulous!! I am learning to make peace with my tinnitus and the practices you gave us, have directed me clearly towards travelling that path of acceptance.

I really loved the poetry and the little readings you gave us. They really spoke to me. I love that writings can teach us so much. Your choices were perfect Dani. So loving and nurturing. Just what I needed.

Christine (8-week Mindfulness Meditation for Tinnitus Course, 2019)

Through using specific mindfulness meditation techniques that Dani has taught me I am becoming more able to put a little distance between me and noises that used to really upset me and spoil my ability to engage in certain social activities.

I am now achieving a deeper level of calmness in my daily life. I find myself not as quick to react to situations and sounds with irritation.

I feel it is very worthwhile to practice my chosen techniques daily. It’s enjoyable and I’m told that the results are making me a nicer person to be with!

Nancy (8-week Mindfulness Meditation for Tinnitus Course, 2019)

A big thank you for our session. All the information you have shared with me has made an enormous difference to how I’m now approaching my tinnitus. I find myself no longer checking and I’m generally now able to just be with my tinnitus. It’s like a weight has been lifted....

Biddy (Educational Counselling session)

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