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Sound Enrichment Therapy

Enriching your soundscape

In this one hour appointment, together we will navigate and choose from current technology and apps the most effective way to enrich your external soundscape. This treatment option is an evidence-based practice for helping many people find more immediate relief when tinnitus symptoms are severe, and also used as a longer-term tool for habituation to the tinnitus signal. Choosing the right sound to use for your sound therapy is key to success, and this is where the support of a specialist audiologist can bring ease into this approach.


Sound therapy can also be applied to people living with hyperacusis and other sensitivities to certain sounds. De-sensitisation strategies and tools are used to bring more sounds comfortably back into people's everyday soundscape. These strategies and tools enable people to self-manage this process and live into the fullness of life once more.

This does not include hearing aid fitting, although I am happy to discuss pros and cons of hearing aid fitting for you in this appointment.

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