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Tinnitus Resources for GPs

Evidence-based research for triaging and treating tinnitus

I’ve compiled information and advice from experts and researchers in the field regarding ways of helping your patient who is suffering with bothersome tinnitus. If there’s still something unclear or you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.


What you say to tinnitus sufferers matters:

In Tinnitus Awareness Week recently, Tasmanians suffering with tinnitus shared their experiences. This is a summary of what it can feel like to have tinnitus, what has been helpful to them along their journey and what they wished had happened differently in their initial contact with health professionals. 


A Triage Guide for Tinnitus Management for GPs

This is a great article guiding GPs through the complexities of tinnitus in a simple step by step approach. Published in the Journal of Family Practice (Henry et al, Vol 59, No 7), it clearly sets out recommendations for when your patient attends your clinic complaining of bothersome tinnitus. 

"Ringing in the ears may be symptomatic of a serious condition—or it may be benign. This guide can help you tell the difference."

Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Clinical Practice Guidelines: Tinnitus

Tunkel et al, 2014. Vol 151 (2S) S1-S40.

A review of tinnitus treatment options  leading to the authors' recommendations of applying the most robust research findings in an evidence-based clinical practice.

This article recommends against antidepressants,
anticonvulsants, anxiolytics, or intratympanic medications for
the routine treatment of patients with persistent, bothersome
tinnitus; and recommends audiological evaluation, education, sound therapy and CBT and relaxation therapies.

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Mindfulness Based Approach to Tinnitus

New studies suggest mindfulness-based approaches can significantly help tinnitus sufferers.

"Mindfulness based therapies turn traditional tinnitus treatment on its head -- so rather than trying to avoid or mask the noise, it teaches people to stop the battle with tinnitus."

Resources for Medical Practitioners: Articles & Resources
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