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Resources from the February '23 meeting:

International Tinnitus Awareness Week
Tea for Tinnitus - raising money for the Tinnitus and Hearing Helpline.

Helpline Ph: 1300 242 842 

2023-01-24 (6).png

We raised $185 in cash at our afternoon tea on Thursday 9 February.

Thank you everyone so much! 

This Tinnitus Awareness Week we are raising awareness and money to support the only free Tinnitus and Hearing helpline in Australia. This helpline has been recently established by Tinnitus Australia (an arm of the not-for-profit hearing advocacy organisation, Soundfair) to support people suffering from the distress of recent onset tinnitus or an escalation in tinnitus symptoms, and who need reassurance, hope and help to navigate this challenging time.



1. Call the Tinnitus Australia Helpline for reassurance and hope.

2. Visit your GP for a medical check.

3. Visit your local audiologist for a hearing test and correct any hearing loss.

4. Visit a specialist tinnitus audiologist (like at Inner Ease Tinnitus Centre) for tinnitus therapy and support options if your distress continues.

Tinnitus Australia is accepting donations up until the end of March 2023 for this Tinnitus Awareness Week fundraising campaign. Inner Ease Tinnitus Centre has pledged to match the donations of the Inner Ease tinnitus community up to the sum total of $500, so please let me know if you donate directly via this link (Tinnitus Australia fundraising page) and together we can double our impact for tinnitus sufferers.

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