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Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity 
for Tinnitus and other Sound Sensitivities

Finding ease within.

This 10-week course is designed to introduce you to the benefit of mindfulness meditation in a supportive setting. The benefits of mindfulness practices have been well researched and mindfulness meditation is a proven technique for reducing the impact of tinnitus and other auditory symptoms in people's lives. These practices work by reducing the stress around your symptoms, re-framing the negative thoughts and beliefs around your symptoms, and growing acceptance of tinnitus as you learn the tools and skills to meet your symptoms with a more neutral (even friendly!) relationship - over the duration fo the course, these practices help you navigate a way of living at ease with your tinnitus.

This work is about looking inwards and diving deeply. Research shows that a regular daily practice for 8-12 weeks is needed to begin to see the rich benefits of this technique. For those ready to commit to this deeper level of practice, the benefits are exponential.

You will receive pre-recorded audio practices into your inbox each week, learning a variety of potent mindfulness tools to bring more ease into your experience of living with tinnitus and other sound intolerances. Daily practice with this guided instruction will enable you to develop a skilfulness with these tools and techniques.

You will have an opportunity to connect with Dani weekly, via phone or video call, to discuss your practice. 



Click the link below to register your interest in this course. You will then receive an email with payment options. Once payment has been received, you can begin - Dani will personally be in touch with all the details...

$360 for the full 10-week course

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